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Weddings Final Menu Selection & Final Guest Count in Northwest Florida

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And we Need your Final Menu and Final Guest Count

Why? The reason we need the final guest count is so we can plan.
We must order the food; staff the kitchen prep crew, install crew & service crew; if there are any rental items we must match the furniture rentals and linens to the final guest count.

We are very detailed oriented, as our goal is to provide you with a flawless wedding, allowing you the luxury of being the bride/groom, host and guest! Should you not inform us ahead about ALL activities planned for the evening, we cannot be held responsible for any problems concerning those items not on the timeline.

The final guest count is NOT subject to reduction. Should you have less people attend than planned, we will place any left over food in your refrigerator for a midnight raid!

Once you submit your final guest count

We will revise your estimate and forward it to you. Upon receipt of the revision, please carefully review all notes, questions and items included to determine if there are any errors. If so, notify us immediately so we can adjust the invoice.

Any changes, additions &/or additional guests that you wish to add after the final guest count is submitted will be billed to a separate invoice, payable prior to your event.

For an unforeseen reason, last minute adjustments and the like, will be billed to a post-event invoice, payable within 10 days of the event. If we do not receive either a check or permission to charge to the credit card on file, the outstanding balance will automatically be billed to your card, per the Terms of Service.

If this is a destination wedding and you have arrived on the Emerald Coast only to realize you have forgotten something or wish to add something, please let us know and we will do everything in our power to make it happen! We are looking forward to your special day and want to thank you again for placing your trust in us.

No worries, it will be a “delicious event”!
Chef Gary & Staff

Send us Your Final Guest Count


Children Meals: Not available for Package or Economy events. Below you will see a request for guest count. Please note that children 9 years of age and under are allowed to dine at half price off the adult menu. This is available for parties of 40 or more total guests and not more than 10% of the total guest count. You may also you may elect to serve children 9 and under a children’s meal.

Vendors: Not available for Economy events, should be included with packages. Vendors are working vendors who dine out of our kitchen tent and do not sit with the guests and are charged half price for main meal! We suggest you encourage your vendors to forego the hors d’oeuvres as they will be served a meal from the kitchen tent. Vendors can be photographers, videographers, musicians, DJ’s, wedding coordinators, ministers, etc.

After this form is submitted, you may increase your guest count, but cannot lower it. Should the quantity of staffing, rental furniture, chairs, etc, need to be increased due to an increase in the guest count after the final guest count is due, there will be a small service charge for administrative and planning adjustments, as it can get quite hectic trying to juggle rental orders, staffing adjustments, etc. close to the event. So try to give us an accurate final guest count 30 days ahead of the wedding festivities!

Remember, if your guest count goes down in actual attendance, we still bring the amount of food for which we were contracted. We always bring “go boxes” to leave leftovers for you to enjoy at your leisure, should the venue allow. If it is not a rental home, please designate someone to be responsible for getting the leftovers from the staff after the meal service ends. If you are serving hors d’oeuvres, we save a plate of them for the bride and groom to enjoy after they have post-ceremony photographs taken.

Questions on your estimate: Please review the last estimate we sent to you and answer all questions posed. This will help us create your perfect event!

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