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Alcohol Recommendations & Bar Stations and Beverage Service Descriptions

At Emerald Coast Catering we decided to allow our clients to supply their own alcohol, which serves as a huge savings for each of you.

Disclaimer!!!!  Every event has a very unique guest list.  As the host, you know your guests' drinking habits better than we do.  For example, if your fraternity is attending the event en masse, they might be beer drinkers galore. (We realize that it is not politically correct to socially profile, but who better than yourself to profile your guests!)

Think about what your guests drink and modify these recommendations accordingly.  Also, consider if there is a "hot" cocktail that is currently in vogue.  You will more than likely want to purchase extra spirits that are ingredients in the cocktail and advise ECC so that we can bring extra mixers and garnish for that particular cocktail.

Remember, we are caterers, not liquor retailers.  You can always talk to your liquor provider for their recommendations.

Bar Stations:  these are the physical stations from which service is held at your event.

Standard Bar Station:
Includes:  table(s), linen, lighting, bar accessories, ice tubs, bottle bins, coolers, trash receptacles & liners, appropriate trash disposal.

Existing Bar Station:
If there is an existing, appropriate bar at your venue, often we are able to utilize same.  We then provide everything listed in the Standard Bar Station other than the table, linen & lighting.  This must be approved by ECC prior to use, as our bartenders must have a functional setup in order to properly serve your guests.

Bar Station Enhancements:

Enhanced Bar Station Upgrade:  We take our standard bar station and rim the front perimeter with glass blocks.  As night descends, the glass is backlit with rope lights creating a beautiful glow, adding to the party atmosphere.

Cosmopolitan Bar Station Upgrade:  We take our standard bar station, add the enhanced bar station upgrade AND add glass shelves that are separated by more glass blocks in order to display rental glassware.  Depending on the guest count and the venue, the bar may be a curved "horseshoe" front, a serpentine front or an "L" shaped front.  Once again, the front of the bar station is rimmed with glass block that shines with the backlit rope lights.  The shelving and bar are adorned with sea glass accents & novelty lights...great looking and truly "coastal cosmopolitan"!

Basic Beverage Service:

This is Emerald Coast Catering's name for a beer and wine bar.  With this service we supply bottled water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, ice, plastic tumblers & paper beverage napkins.

Recommended amounts of wine and beer wine and beer service:

Wine: 5 glasses per bottle.  Minimum 1/2 bottle per person.  Equal amounts of red and white.
Beer:  3 beers per person.  Should you have a younger crowd, up the beer numbers!

Champagne: first determine if you are serving all night or just offering for toasting purposes.
Serving all night: 6 glasses per bottle.
Toasting: 8 glasses per bottle, as you do not pour a full glass.

Toasting protocol:  there are no hard and fast rules!  Some clients prefer to allow the guests to toast with whatever beverage they are drinking.  Some clients prefer to have champagne offered for the toast and some guests will still choose to drink their beverage of choice.  Some clients don't worry about a toast.  Make the night your own and do as you wish!!!

Note concerning kegs of beer:  Don't do it!!!  The money you would save in getting a keg over bottles or cans will be lost on ice...this IS the beach after all!  Also, a rental keg with the pump or spigot type tap is SLOW.  Your guests will be standing in line, waiting and waiting.  Also, when you offer your guests bottles and cans you can provide one or two imports, a light beer and a couple of other selections..... this makes for happy guests!

Premium Beverage Service:

This is Emerald Coast Catering's name for a full bar.  With this service we supply bottled water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, ice, plastic tumblers & paper beverage napkins AND mixers (such as tonic, soda, bloody mary mix), fruit & other garnish for your favorite cocktail.

Please advise if there are any popular mixed drinks in your crowd so we can bring extra mixers and garnish for that cocktail.

Recommended liquor types and amounts for a "typical" bar
for approximately 75 guests:

Crown Royal

1.75 ltr


1 ltr


1 ltr


Half gallon + 1 ltr


Half gallon + 1 ltr


.75 ltr


1 ltr

Dry Vermouth

1 bottle

Triple Sec

1 bottle

+ Specialty drink ingredients

Wine: 5 glasses per bottle.
Equal amounts of red and white.

1/2 bottle per person or less


3 beers per person


See toasting notes above

Chan's Wine World has stellar prices and selection.
They will give you good advice and a 10% discount if you buy a case or more of wine.

They have locations in Destin, Grand Boulevard, Miramar Beach, Panama City, Fort Walton Beach.




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